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The little old Lady and the Wolf, the talking bird... and other tales

for kids from 6 to 12 and their families, 40 minutes

Once there was a little old lady who met a big bad wolf in a forest... Who do you think was scared  the most ?
Join Sylvie Mombo and participate in these interactive stories for French and English speakers !
about Sylvie Mombo: Born in Paris, Sylvie inherited a love of words and a passion for sharing stories from her Gabonese and Guadeloupean parents.  Sylvie has developed an original style of storytelling, mixing mime, dance, comedy and her multicultural her take on traditional stories.

La petite vieille et le loup, l'oiseau qui parlait... et autres contes

De 6 à 12 et familles, 40 minutes

Il était une fois, une petite vieille qui rencontra un grand méchant loup dans la forêt... Savez-vous lequel des deux a tremblé le plus ?
Rejoignez Sylvie Mombo pour prendre part à des histoires interactives en anglais et en français

A propos de la conteuse : Sylvie Mombo a hérité de l'amour des mots et de la passion pour les histoires de son père Gabonais et de sa mère Guadeloupéenne. A partir d'un répertoire de contes traditionnels, la conteuse a développé un style et une parole singulière riche de son métissage... à laquelle elle associe l'art du mime, la danse, le théâtre.

The Ebony tree

A beautiful tribute to inconditionnal love

Adults and Children from 7  /  Duration 60 minutes

Matsang was a very special little girl… imagining conversations with animals and plants,conversing with Nature.

It might be true… one stormy night, she went back home seated on the top of a magnificent walking Ebony tree a genie of the big rain forest.

Based on the anthology by Kama Kamanda, this story is a beautiful tribute to inconditionnal love,

passion and trees. It invites us to think about alterity, hospitality, true love.

It inspired storyteller Sylvie Mombo and musician Axel Lecourt (Drums, Kalimba, Sanza , Talking drum, Mouth bow, Nasal flute…). These two artists have shared their mutual desires to create a mix, colours and perfumes of the great Rain Forest.


Hyena dance

Adults and children from 6 /Duration : 45 min,

Hyena was the last creature to see the secret heart of a baobab tree. It won’t let us in anymore because it don’t trust anybody. And who can blame it?Maybe, one day, we might be lucky enough to win back that trust and see the wonders in the heart of the baobab tree.

Sylvie Mombo


Serge Tamas
Guitar, manouba...

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